Remembrance is very significant for the WWA.

Originally, when the Association was formed, the widows were not allowed to take part in the the annual November Sunday service and march past at the Cenotaph. As they wanted to show their respect to their husbands they began to hold a very short service on the Saturday at the Cenotaph in London. They dashed between the cars and laid their cross, said a prayer and dashed back to the pavement.

This service has grown over the years and is now an established date in the diary for the Metropolitan Police, the City of Westminster and those in charge of booking an event at the Cenotaph.

The Association subsidises the day and offers a morning
snack before the parade, a drinks reception and lunch after the parade at a nearby establishment.

The Association also provides chrysanthemum crosses to any member who has an official invitation to lay one on the Sunday in the UK and the Falklands. They also plant poppy crosses in the field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey for those members unable to do so themselves.

While November is a time when the nation comes together to remember, our members remember their loss every day of the year.

We created our Remembrance Wall as a tribute to those we have lost.

Remembrance Day Galleries

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Remembrance Wall

We created this space to remember those who were lost to us whilst serving in the Armed Forces. Hover over each image to read the dedication, or click on a picture for a closer look.

If you’re a member of the WWA and you’d like to send in a picture and a dedication, you can find out how here.

We Will Remember Them

We will recall
Our yearly tribute placing
The hopes and dreams that slowly had to fade
We will go on
The lonely future facing
Knowing too well the sacrifice you made.

We will forget
The loneliness and worry
The pain of parting and the tears we shed
Forget as well
The aching and the longing
Keeping our memories of the times we shared.

We will remember
Head held high with pride
We will keep vigil
With our men who died.

Written by Mrs Kay Todd, Chairman 1985-88

Originally sung at the Saturday Remembrance Service to the tune of the ‘Londonderry Air’.

Display your dedication on the Remembrance Wall

We ask for a contribution of £10 to display your tribute (and optionally a photo of your loved one) on our Remembrance Wall.

Your dedication will be displayed for one year, and you’ll have the option to renew it after that.

Press the button below to complete our dedication form, which details how to send us your photo along with payment details.

We kindly ask that your dedication is no more than 10 words.