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Recognition Payment Eligibility Concerns

The Chair has written to Dr Murrison to point out that the Attributable Pension was never included in any discussions. The campaign was to rectify the loss of the compensation part, ie the War Widows Pension which became a pension for life in 2015.

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Campaign 300 update

9th August 2023: Also posted into our private members area

The Chair recently emailed the MOD to ask what progress was being made on applications for the payment of the lump sum offered to those who were unable to have their War Pension reinstated.  She pointed out that we had not heard anything for some time and the summer was rushing by.  We received the following reply:-

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Obituary: Kathleen Woodside, MBE

Kathleen was one of the founder members of the War Widows Association. In 1971 she began her successful campaign to exempt tax on the War Widows’ pension. In 2007 she was awarded the MBE for her services to the War Widows Association.

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