MOD Data Breach


Information copied from MOD page below.

“Members will have seen in recent news that MOD have been alerting Military Personnel (serving and veterans) about a recent data breach which may risk the personal data of members.

We understand that this news will be unsettling, but please be assured that MOD have ‘taken immediate remedial action, taking the network offline, minimising the risk to you.’

The Defence Secretary has made an statement updating Defence Personnel which you can read here.

The MOD is in the process of notifying and providing support and advice to those affected, and have informed us that pensions in payment are not affected.

However, some veterans may receive this letter which explains the situation and includes FAQs. We would ask our members to look specifically points 19 & 20. The letter will only go to those veterans affected. All those serving have been informed of the breach via MODNet email which will be followed by a postal letter.

If we have any more information for you, we will be sure to update this page.”

Full link to MOD page is here:

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