Members Area Document Access

During a training session with a lovely member today, it became apparent that some privacy settings had been updated in the back end of the system which meant access had been revoked to some our documents and policies:

New Chair’s Welcome

I’m Chris Dziuba and I became Chair of the War Widows Association in March. There’s nothing special about me, I am just like the rest of you. I was married to a Royal Air Force air traffic controller for 26 years. We met while I was a nursing sister in the Royal Air Force and married at RAF Hospital Ely.

March 2024 – Chair Update

When I took over as Chair, Balooba was just a puppy and Bert not even born. What has happened in the 3 years? Yes they are huge but very loving and protective. Anyway this is my last newsletter so I just thought I would let you see how much they have grown.

War Widows Wreath

Sent in by member Rose Frost: I thought this early spring photo of our War Widows wreath at our village memorial stone in Milborne St Andrew might be of interest […]

February 2024 – Chair Update

Apologies for being nearly a week late in writing my news update. January proved to be a very busy month and I spent last week end writing notes on all the meetings etc.

It started with Chris, Debbie and myself meeting with a friendly lawyer to discuss the Campaign 300.

6th February 2024: Update from WWA Chair

Yesterday I had an email from the Ministry of Defence concerning the applications for the ex gratia payment. By 05/02/24 they had received 301 applications. They had made decisions on […]

30th Jan: Update on Ex Gratia Payment for War Widows

It has been said to us that Veterans UK have received about 10,000 applications for this payment. This could only happen if hundreds of widows who never had a War Widows Pension applied. If this is indeed true then it has inevitably slowed down the process.

The War Widows Compensation Award

This is inexcusable behaviour on the part of the Government and my heart goes out to all of you who learnt yesterday that you were not eligible for this payment. Don’t give up because we certainly have not.