We're here for our members

As well as campaigning to improve the lives of war widows in general, we care for our members on a more personal level.

We strive to provide friendship and connection to this often forgotten group of the armed forces community. Combatting lonlieness and isolation is a huge part of what we do, as well as signposting war widows to various help and support opportunities that they may not have been aware they could access.

War Widows Support Directory

We’ve compiled an extensive directory of useful guidance, advice and links to help widows and bereaved families.

Our online community

Our online community was developed as a space where our members can connect with others who understand what they’ve been through. It’s a supportive, friendly space that can be accessed by all WWA members.

Once signed up, you can search for other members of the community, connect and send messages, join groups, and chat in forums.

You’ll be able to sign up for members-only events through our website, and get to know others who will be attending the same event.