Campaigns and Projects

Since the beginning, the War Widows Association has been a campaigning organisation. 

We positively engage with the UK Government on matters relating to war widows(er)s and their dependants, and take action to ensure that war widow(er)s are fairly treated and are not disadvantaged in any way.

We also run projects to directly benefit our members, as well as raising money and awareness of our charity.

Latest Campaigns and Projects

War Widows Connected

Due to the success of our War Widows InTouch project, we have been granted funding from the Veterans’ Foundation to run another mini version of the project along with continuing

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Our Legacy

1972 - 1979: Removal of income tax from WW Pension

In 1971 a group of war widows came together to discuss the fact that the war widows’ pension was fully taxed in the UK. This was not the case for ladies living in some overseas countries and receiving a UK war widows’ pension. In 1972 the group took a petition for the abolishment of the tax to No 10 Downing St. In 1976 they succeeded in having 50% of the tax removed; the remaining 50% was removed in 1979.

Extra age allowance

The War Widows Association helped in bringing about an extra age allowance for war widows. Initially this was given at 65 but subsequently added to at age 70 and 80.

1989: Improved pension for pre-1973 War Widows

The war widows who received a pension pre-1973 were very badly treated. Their pension was shockingly small and not enough to allow them to raise their children in the way they would have wished. The WWA started a campaign to have this improved and managed to encourage other charities to join in the campaign. This campaign was successful in 1989 and the original pension was greatly improved. A tea party was held in Regent’s Park to celebrate.

1995: Reinstatement of pension after remarriage

The War Widows Association campaigned to enable war widows who had remarried and been forced to relinquish their war widows’ pension to apply for reinstatement if they became single again. They were successful in this campaign in 1995.

Sponsored Pilgrimage

Many war widows had never had the opportunity to visit the grave of their husband if he had been buried overseas. The WWA managed to get sponsored pilgrimages renewed, which allowed them to visit these graves.

2015: A Pension for Life

After 1st April 2015 all war widows’ pensions became a pension for life, irrespective of the circumstances. This was in line with The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme which was introduced in 2005. The AFCS compensates any injury, illness or death which was caused by service on or after 2005. Sadly this left a small cohort of ladies who were still without their pension due to remarriage or cohabitation and this has resulted in the current campaign: Campaign 300.


The War Widows Association is managed totally by volunteers.

The Association does not have any paid staff or office premises and has long benefited from the tradition of gifts, donations and legacies from members and supporters who have valued the service and friendship we are able to offer.

Funds raised will be used to support our current members and improve conditions for the war widows community.