About the WWA

The Association was formed in 1971 and has around 2000 members. Its original aim was to fight for the removal of the tax burden from the War Widow’s Pension.

Today we’re committed to improving the lives of war widows across the UK.

 We’re a registered charity, run by a group of volunteers consisting of trustees, regional organisers and committee assistants.

What we do

Our activities are focused around our three main pillars:

  • Campaign to improve the lives of war widows – an often forgotten section of society.
  • Care for our members, making sure they have access to support and community.
  • Remember those we have lost – all war widows have experienced loss and grief, and remembrance is very important to us.

We hold regular events, both in person and online. Most of these are just for our members, but we occasionally hold public events to raise awareness and support for our charity.

We have a friendly online community area that our members can access so that they can get to know other war widows, find out about events, and chat in forums.

Our magazine, Courage, is published to our members area three times a year and includes details of our latest campaigns, projects and events.

Our Members

We have two types of members at the WWA and all members are welcome to join members only events and access our online community in the members area of our website.

Full Members

If you have ever received a War Widow’s or War Widower’s Pension or if you are included in the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme you may become a FULL member.

Full members can vote at the AGM.

Associate Members

If you are a military widow whose partner served in the British Armed Forces but whose death was not due to service; a dependent or close family member of one who served and whose death was due to service; or if you just wish to support the aims and objectives of the WWA, you’re welcome to apply for associate membership.

Associate members cannot vote at the AGM.

Association Friend

Association Friend is open to:

  • any individual aged 18 or over who supports the aims of the Association;


  • other organisations.
Chris Dziuba Chair of the WWA

Our Organisation

The Association has no paid staff. Volunteers complete all the work, including responding to emails and the phone calls. We have no offices and are grateful for the support of The Royal British Legion in providing us with our registered address.


The Chair and members of the elected committee control the day-to-day running of the Association.

Regional Organisers

The Trustees are supported by regional organisers throughout the UK, who arrange meetings in their area and maintain contact with members locally.

Committee Assistants

The Trustees are supported by committee assistants who help manage the database, website and our online events.